Beyond Just Watching the Rodeo

We understand that there are some folks who might not be satisfied with just viewing the rodeo.  We would like to take this chance to reach out to those who desire more than just taking a seat and watching the rodeo while eating your popcorn.  There is the possibility to get your hands dirty and maybe even stain your jeans here at the Jackson Hole Rodeo.  We would like to offer this opportunity to individuals or small groups who would like to participate in the Jackson Hole Rodeo.

Depending on your desire we can customize your experience to fit your desires whether it be joining us at our facility and help with the daily chores feeding and caring for the animals, or even take it a step further and preparing you for competition at our rodeo.  Of coarse dealing with animals and rodeo we can never be 100% safe, we do our best, but this is not for the faint of heart.  We would like to offer you a chance to step into and even walk in a rodeo cowboys boots, living the life we all dream of.

We have facilities to to offer training to those who are in good enough shape and have the ability to put it all on the line and compete.  We will spend time with you giving you the training many of us cowboys received as we prepared to head down the rodeo road.  We will supply equipment necessary to get the job done.

All participants will be required to sign a release waiver acknowledging the danger that is involved in the sport of rodeo.  If you are scared you might break a nail or step in some cow sh*t then this is definitely not for you, but if you have ever wondered what it might be like to nod your face for one of the most adrenaline filled adventures of your life this could be the place.


If you are interested in putting it on the line call us at