The mask mandate has been lifted.


We are currently fully open, however at this time the mask mandate has not been lifted so they will be required. All tickets are general admission we will remain this way for the remainder of the year. Please arrive early to get good seats and ensure your entire party can sit together.


We have gained approval to start rodeoing!!!! Things will be a bit different. For those whom have already purchased tickets you are good, however due to social distancing rules we do not have reserved seats if you purchased these seats we will do our best to get you seated as close to the middle as we can. Please be patient with us and COME EARLY! (like before 7pm). We will be seating everyone with ushers, again we ask for your understanding as we deal with the current circumstances, the great news is that we have a rodeo and are not cancelling. Please be safe and lets do everything we can to keep Wyoming open.


we have been approved by the health department! We are still finalizing our ticket system to allow for social distancing. Due to time constraints we have to cancel our June 17th rodeo, for those whom have purchased tickets refunds are coming! For others whom have purchased Reserved seating tickets to the other rodeos we will get you in, your seats will probably change please be patient we are still working spacing out.


We are preparing to send off a second request for an exception to operate. We have been approved to operate with 250 spectators and 25 competitors, with this we cannot cover our expenses without a significant increases in our ticket price. At this point we are shooting for a start date of June 17. We apologize for the lack of information, things are changing everyday and answers we have today are different tomorrow. Stay safe and God Bless.


We are working tirelessly to try and get things up and going with the rodeo. Unfortunately our request for an Exception and our Covid-19 Plan has been denied by the health department. We are being told that the state is not allowing any spectator events at this time. We will continue to do everything we can to get the rodeo up and running in a safe manner. At this time we are canceling our May rodeos, those of you who have already purchased tickets for these dates, can expect refunds soon (we are processing them today).

Please stay safe and God Bless

Jackson Hole Rodeo