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Here at Jackson Hole Rodeo we realize that not everyone has been exposed to the way of life that we are accustomed to, we would like to offer a sneak peek at a little behind the scenes action.  This is a very special opportunity to go behind the chutes where the cowboys and cowgirls prepare to do battle in the arena.  You will see the raw untamed, unedited, and uncovered underbelly of the sport, where getting dirty goes from possibility to inevitability.  We need to warn you that this is not the sterile version of the rodeo that most of the public sees you will be exposed to livestock and contestants, harsh language and manure are very possible.  We will give you a tour of the back pens and give you an chance to meet cowboys and cowgirls as they prepare their equipment.  This opportunity is limited to 10 people, and as we have said  you will be so close to the action you can almost touch it, not the safe fenced in version of the rodeo most folks see.  This experience is not without danger, please dress accordingly, that means don’t wear sandals unless you like the feel of bull poop between your toes!  This aint cheap, and not always pretty, but it is REAL!

Call to day and reserve your spot.  (307)413-1371


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This year should be better than ever!  We have teamed up with Jackson Hole Shooting Experience and High Caliber Women.  While on vacation in Jackson don’t miss the opportunity to join the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience where you will be guided on a one of a kind experience shooting in Jackson Hole.  Whether you have never held a gun before or you are interested in sharpening up on your skills, they have what you need.  Join their passionate instructors for a must do activity in Jackson Hole.