Presents Shriners Rodeo

Jackson Hole Rodeo is pleased to announce our partnership with the Jackson Hole Shrine Club for the 3rd annual Jackson Hole Shriners Rodeo with the proceeds going directly towards the Shriners Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City.  The Jackson Shriners have been a prominent fundraiser in the valley for decades.  The Shriners are very proud to be partnered with Jackson Hole Rodeo who has generously put on the Rodeo events and has been able to proudly send the proceeds from this event directly to the Shriners Hospital in Salt Lake City.  The Shriners hospitals have been a huge help to thousands of children providing health care and treatment all care and services are provided regardless of ability to pay.  Donations through groups like the Jackson Hole Shrine Club, as well as local groups like the Jackson Hole Snow Devils, and Stockton and Shirk Interior Designs, Western Wyoming and All American Cutter/Chariot Races, help to keep these hospitals operating and allow them to provide their services.  We anticipate this event will also generate funds to cover some of their costs.  Please plan on coming out to the rodeo September 8th and 11th as we do our best to support this great organization.  Below are links to purchase ticket as well as a link to donate, thank you for your support.

Shriners Rodeo September 7th Tickets

Shriners Rodeo September 10th Tickets